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SoZo Web Hosting Screen Shot

Project Requirements: Sozo Hosting, a website hosting company located in Atlanta, GA, needed an easy to update corporate website that allows non-technical staff to update prices, add knowledge base articles, add new product offerings, and change images and content. A complete new graphic design needed to be developed to replace the outdated design of the company's existing site, including the company's logo. The site needed to provide a feeling of security and freedom from worry for the company's customers and prospects.

Solution: A content management system (CMS) website which allows for securely adding and updating information. The CMS includes features for workflow and versioning. Workflow allows for checks and balances when changing site information and provides for an approval process when content is added or changed. Versioning provides for archiving of content as it is changed and quick fall-back to previous versions of content.

Project Requirements: A multi-lingual, multi-country website which projects the image of a company occupying a leadership position in its served markets. The site needed to be easy to edit by personnel located around the globe. A Cattail principal served as project manager for the development of this site.

Solution: A website with a depth of information unparalleled in the industry, including information on air filtration technology and standards. The site utilizes state-of-the-art content management software to allow for secure updates by geographically dispersed content contributors.

Corporate Website Development

 Financial Company Website Development

Project Requirements: Cecil Trust, a financial company located in North East, Maryland, needed a new website to provide new customer prospects with information about their services. They needed to be able to quickly, like interest rates, using Cecil Trust personnel, who had no prior website development experience.

Solution: A website which utilizes a Content Management System (CMS), allowing Cecil Trust employees to log-in and make changes to site content using a visual editor. Edits do not require any special understanding of programming or website design. With an outstanding graphic design, site visitors can easily see what business Cecil Trust is in and the types of services they provide.

Customer Requirements: Sign Satisfaction, an Austin TX based sign manufacturing firm, had an existing website which, except for a redesign of their product pages, they were pleased with from a design perspective.  However, they are constantly developing new products and needed a way to rapidly add new text and images about their new products to their website

Solution: The existing Sign Satisfaction website was duplicated on Cattail development servers, then moved into Content Management System (CMS) templates. A new template was developed for displaying their products in a more logical way, and larger images were added so prospects could see the details of the products. A new public website was then implemented on Cattail servers. Using the CMS, employees of Sign Satisfaction can now add and edit their products without programming or website design knowledge or experience.

 Marketing Company Website Development

Technology Company Website Development

Customer Requirements: A website which provides information about a high-tech company whose business is providing new and unique technologies for chemical process customers.

Solution: A website incorporating content management which allows the scientists of the company to quickly publish their information to their website.

Customer Requirements: Entertainment products importer requires an e-commerce website to sell unique bar glasses. Site needs to be updated by business content contributors. Site look needs to have class and yet display a celebration atmosphere.

Solution: An e-commerce website based on a published e-commerce platform developed by The Cattail Company. The solution provides for great flexibility in how consumers are charged for taxes and shipping. Cattail graphics give the site a distinguished design.

E-Commerce Website Development

Investment Company Website Development

Customer Requirements: Security and Exchange Commission regulations require investment companies to make certain documents available to the public in a timely manner. Greenville Capital Management prefers to have an experienced contractor execute the required changes.

Solution: Cattail Website Maintenance, a service of The Cattail Company, ensures that required changes are made within one business day.