Features and Benefits

InstaSchedule was developed for scheduling public safety personnel, such as EMS, fire companies, call centers, and other public safety companies and departments who require complex personnel schedules. It is designed to eliminate spreadsheets and clumsy, complicated on-line scheduling systems that require a significant investment in time for schedule creation and maintenance. An entire week’s schedule can be completed in a matter of minutes. Your personnel can now retrieve their schedules from anywhere, anytime. InstaSchedule saves time, money, and eliminates schedule confusion.

InstaSchedule Emergency Services Schedule Online

InstaSchedule allows a manager to create their schedule by inputting their emergency vehicle fleet, shift schedules, and team member names. Team members can then be selected from menus for a one week period and with one click the week's schedule is complete.

Key features of InstaSchedule include simple set-up, shift supervisor status, leave request, leave approvals, part time status, special schedule notes, update tracking, and fast week-by-week browsing.

Note: you don't have to be an Emergency Services professional to take advantage InstaSchedule. The software can also be used by sports teams and contractors, or anyone who wants to quickly and cost-effectively display schedules on the web.

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